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Kamis, 21 April 2011 '
without a lot of the words
hmhmm sudah lama ingin memosting ttg ini
tapi byk hal yg memperlambat semua itu...

oo woo...
the date March, 13th 2010 is the first i'm see you
because almost one year... i'm not see you

day after day... not feel
you must up grade that can to be student's in university

and after i arithmetic...
it is one year one month and one day
we will be so far... wkwkwk :p

i hope your national exam will be a great score
and you will course in university that u dream
and all of that will you can achieved with so easy
then i will be followed the next year

i can't forget, what that a occurred all of past time...
let alone 14042011

without a lot of the words..
i hope too,
i don't forget to me and one day you will be knowing
about this posting just especially for you

maybe it's not the last posting to u'



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meighina atika istiqomah also known as meighin, ghin, meg, woi...
from victoria
May, 27th 1995
miss u
SCHOOL; school and nasi :p

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    ? you,
    ? right i mean
    ? you, boys
    ? nasi... miss u

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